Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Art of Architectural Photography 5-17-2015

I have written before about the genius of nature in constructing perfect structures.  There is no force or art like nature as it builds organic forms that work in simple design or in the infinitely complex.  Take for example a flower with petals that radiate out from the center.  Look at the marvelous way that the shapes integrate with each other: overlapping, supporting, designing the ultimate shape.  Never replicating a single construction, nature creates flowers that are each unique.  In a cookie-cutter world that accomplishment deserves our respect and the acknowledgement that nature is the supreme designer.

Sepia Photography   

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Art of Architectural Photography 5-10-2015

Light is the defining element of photography as well as of all the visual arts.  Without light, there is no photograph, painting or other aesthetic that depends on sight.  As the artist creates the art, light is always a critical concern.  The placement of light, the intensity of light and the relationship light has with shadow gives the artwork a unique quality that may be elusive or bold but never absent.  Many artworks incorporate light into other themes.  In those instances, light is a value to play off dark and to illuminate the mid-tones.  However, there are those works in which light is the focal point of the art.

I especially appreciate the art that has light pouring through a window.  The photographing or painting of natural light channeled through a portal is intriguing and often challenging.  The light may appear as shafts, rays, streaks, fog-like.  As well, surfaces react differently to the light as it comes through the window.  Some refract or reflect the light.  Others absorb light.  It is fascinating to watch the light as enters a space and claims the viewers attention.  Light has mesmerized artists since the beginning of time.  I am ever drawn to its allure.

Sepia Architectural Photography

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Art of Architectural Pgotography 4-26-2015

Novoimago is photography that is printed on fine art paper and augmented with fine art material including charcoal, pencil, ink and gold leaf.

Throughout my years as a photographer, architectural draftsman and fine art painter, I have infused my work with the originality that expressed my aesthetic.  From my most technical architectural drawings to the oil painting abstractions I created, each focused on my continuing experience with art, my desire for excellence and my hope to reach the next level.  My passion for art has taken me on a journey that encouraged sharing my vision combined with my observations about the world with others.  It is this odyssey that brought me to the photographic art of Novoimago.

As an architectural photographer I appreciate the art that the architect creates.  I also admire the craftspeople, builders and designers of the architecture.  However, when I photograph a building, I seek to imprint my own aesthetic on it.  Working in black and white and sepia photography I am able to portray the architecture while focusing on what about it appeals to me.  I can also emphasize the features of the architecture I want to share with others through the black and white and sepia photographic medium.  The art of Novoimago allows me to go beyond the two-dimensional photograph by layering the image with fine art materials to create a third dimension.  In using such traditional fine art materials as pencil, charcoal, inks and gold leaf in the photograph, I give each image the element of depth and light that cannot be achieved through photography alone. 

Novoimago is a picture that incorporates my life’s work of architectural photography, fine art painting and architectural drawing into one photographic artwork.  Each image engages the viewer in an aesthetic experience that goes beyond traditional photography, architecture and art into a realm of subtle beauty and enhancement of form, design, and light. 

Novoimago: Black and White Architectural Photography with Fine Art Media