Monday, November 25, 2013

The Art of Architectural Photography 11-25-2013

Architecture is art.  Structures are created using the same principles as any visual art form.  In fact, these art fundamentals must actually physically support architecture.  The ornamentation of architecture embellishes the basic form.  These architectural details are also guided by the essentials of design.

This building ornament is set into many brick structures in NYC.  The featured design compliments brickwork wonderfully because it juxtaposes undulating forms with the geometrical brick .  It is an Art Deco design called the Waterfall.  Its symmetry is stand alone beautiful.  As an architectural detail it adds beauty, interest and flow to the architecture.  I used sepia in this photograph as a tonality to emphasize the cascading lines of the design and the pop of negative space.

Waterfall Art Deco Architectural Detail: Sutton Place, NYC 
Sepia Architectural Photograph:

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Art of Architectural Photography

Art is as old as humans.  Some of the first evidences of art are the cave drawings, which depict the human desire for self-expression: to tell others, or perhaps his/her own feelings and perceptions about life.
Architecture is as old as human life as well.  Shelter was sought from environmental conditions, such as heat, storms and animal predators.  The "architecture" may have been provided by nature, i.e. caves, but it was architecture nonetheless.
Photography is the capture of light to produce images.  This very basic personal definition has given me the foundation for my life's work.  Light imaging is the third in the trilogy of the art of architectural photography.  As old as art and architecture, light imaging has given humans a way to particularize their lives, ideas emotions.
Expressing my own point of view through the three oldest art forms is challenging and infinitely rewarding!

Photograph of Flower Architectural Detail in Black and White: Water Street, NYC