Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Art of Architectural Photography 1-12-2014

Looking at architecture from different angles provides an understanding of how the structure is built.  It also gives both the photographer and the viewer an opportunity to discover new ways to see form and shape.  There are unique contours and configurations around building corners and under archways.  Shadows and light emphasize and alter form as the day progresses, too. 

This sepia architectural photograph was taken at mid day.  The front of a rather grand building in Sydney, Australia appealed to my love of older stone structures.  As I shot around the building, I found that a side view of the front staircase also attracted my attention.  The "look through" aspect of the image is augmented by the diagonal side of the staircase; the foliage of different values and the contrasts of building materials.  Often a different perspective sparks creativity.

Sepia architectural art photograph: Sydney, Australia