Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Art of Architectural Photography 10-3-2015

Photography has become so much a part of our culture that it is incorporated into almost every aspect of daily life.  Who does not have a camera and multiple devices, tablet iphone, et. al. to record not only vacations and special occasions but trips to the mall, candy wrappers in the street and cups of coffee!  For billions, Instagram has become a wonderful way of communicating the moment to moment way we live to people all over the world.  I, too play with Instagram, taking pictures of the momentous and the mundane.  Usually I convert to black and white in my Instagram photography because monochrome is my medium of choice.  Currently I have no real sepia application for Instagram, although I'm sure I will begin to download many Instagram apps soon.

Yet, once in a while I find a subject out of my realm of architectural photography that is so breathtaking that it takes me completely by surprise.  Instagram, my cameras and any other gear I have cannot capture the image in my mind let alone on a device.  Such was yesterday as we drove through Crawford Notch, NH on Route 302.  This was not my first view of the Notch as I have traveled this road for decades.  However, the sight of early foliage and the chill (about 45 degrees) in the air gave the experience a pictorial quality that was entrancing and nostalgic: far beyond my own life, I could imagine the forest primeval.  Once in a while a view captivates me so that it is difficult to decide on how to present it.  And so I have it in color, sepia and black and white photography.  Each has ts own life.  Each conveys what I saw at the top of Crawford Notch in early Autumn. 

                                                                Color Photography
                                                                  Sepia Photography
                                                            Black and White Photography

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