Sunday, June 23, 2013

Limitless Possibilities

Walking around with my camera presents limitless possibilities.  I see a building or an architectural detail and I begin to frame it in my mind. The endless array of architecture I am drawn to gives me inspiration.
No matter how many times I see NYC on my rounds, sights there always foster creativity.
I frequently walk up 6th Avenue in midtown Manhattan.  Beginning my trek at at 34th Street, where I always glance and/or stare at the Empire State Building, I continue up to the 40's where I usually give nod to Grand Central before I go into one of the buildings where I have meetings or an activity.
One day last week I looked across 42nd Street and thought, "Who moved the Empire State Building!"  There it was: reflected in a glass building eight blocks away.  I had never noticed it as a reflection in just that spot. What a treat to see it as a reflection.  And what an inspiration for the limitless possibilities prompted by the icon shimmering in all its majesty.

The Inspiration

 Empire State Building: Reflected


  1. These are great! I especially like the B/W. It's iconic.

  2. Thank you! Nothing like the Empire State Building, except maybe the mountains in NH!!