Thursday, July 4, 2013


For the past year I have been working on a photography essay about religion as presented through photography.  Since 1975 I have been spending time in the small New Hampshire town of Bethlemhem.  For many of the residents of Bethlehem, integral to the their New England way of life has always been Worship.  There are a number of Houses of Worship in Bethlehem.  I am most familiar with the Bethlehem Hebrew Congregation and the Durrell United Methodist Church, having attended events and services at both.
As an architectural photographer, my orientation to communicating my subject through my images is architecture.  Through this lens I perceived how the Durrell Church and the BHC offer their congregants a place to practice religion and the objects contained within each place that are  symbolically profound to religion.
It was a serious undertaking for me.  And a labor of love and respect for two Houses of Worship that I hold dear.  I am honored to be able to exhibit my Worship photographs in August.
For more about my experience in photographing for the exhibit please click on this link: 

 To see the Worship photographs use this link:


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