Monday, February 3, 2014

The Art of Architectural Photography 2-3-2014

One of the principals of fine art that impacts all areas of photography is the use of light and dark: values or tonality.  The values in any visual work create emphasis, interest, mood, movement, rhythm and aesthetic.  Tone in a black and white or sepia photograph is especially critical because of the absence of other distractions, primarily color.  The values in these two ethereal light photographs dramatically change each image.  The photographs are derived from one identical source which I shot in a magnificent Gothic Church.  Every time I see architecture that inspires me, I focus on that which is most representative of the structure for me.  I captured the light, most often my personal reference, in a European Cathedral which has exquisite architecture, stonework, artworks and stained glass windows.  But on entering the building, what caught my attention and imagination was the light which is exactly the feature that the great Gothic architects intended.  The way in which I use the values in the two photographs creates the feeling of light conveyed to the viewer.  The subtle contrasts and the obvious one determine which black and white photograph appeals to the individual.


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