Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Art of Architectural Photography 2-8-2014

The ability to create feeling or emotion in an image is perhaps what all artists seek to do through their art.  It is an elusive that must be intuitive rather than studied in order to appear effortless and graceful.  It is a carefully crafted aesthetic rather than an automatic or learned exercise that is performed ultimately by rote, such as perspective (which in and of itself not easy, but can be grasped through application and practice).  But to communicate a sensation through a two dimensional artwork is both daunting and difficult.  When it is achieved there is a wonderful sense of satisfaction.
Recently I was influenced by two great forces: the great American artist George Bellows and another powerful force: nature.  Both projected through their art a feeling of the bone chilling cold of winter and the small structure that offers a haven.

George Bellows: "Blue Snow, The Battery." oil painting,1910

Ellen Fisch:"Winter Snow." black and white photograph, 2014

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