Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Art of Architectural Photography 4-6-2014

Building "jewelry" has always greatly appealed to me.  The metals used to accessorize architectural deign and craft may add greatly to the complexity of the exterior and the interior of a structure in numerous aesthetic and functional ways.  Elegant wrought iron railings and window grills, glowing brass plaques, polished steel plates and casings add shine and contrast to other building materials, such as plaster, wood and stone.  The jewelry aspect of these metal complements creates a wealth of visual eye candy in every type of space.  Industrial buildings as well as luxurious period mansions usually all have some glint of gold or silver.
Recently I was riding in a beautifully wood paneled elevator in a NYC department store. I became fascinated by the stunningly crafted brass control panel.  Each aspect of the plate is meticulously and beautifully designed for visual appeal and functionality. Architectural jewelry at its best.

 Sepia photograph architecture detail: New York City

For more about use of metals in architecture see:


  1. I agree Ellen, the small details in architecture are fascinating. I also like being able to click on the thumbnail and seeing it open at a much larger size; it really helps me to see the details.

    1. The details, more often than not, intrigue me! Thanks, Nick!

  2. Eye candy, indeed. And there you were going up and down the elevator. I know you got it in one shot, and the other shoppers never paid any attention to it. Looking at the world with different eyes. Beautiful.

  3. You also follow the world with a beautiful eye! Thank you!