Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Art of Architectural Photography 8-3-2014

Light and its mannerisms play a most significant part in taking a photograph and the subsequent look of the image.  Further, light appeals to our emotions.  The way that light plays on a subject can trigger different responses from viewers to photographs.  For example, a harshly lit image may cause the viewer to feel repelled or excited by the photograph.  On the other hand, a softly lit scene may appear romantic or induce a sensation of calm.

There are few scenes that can elicit the melting moment of the magic hour after a rain in the bucolic countryside.  Recently I had the pleasure of seeing such a sight from the porch of an old inn in New Hampshire.  The emotions of peace and pleasure came to mind as I snapped the shutter on the fleeting scene that the light, time of day, setting and architecture had conspired to produce.

Sepia architectural photograph: Whitefield, NH

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