Monday, August 11, 2014

The Art of Architectural Photography 8-11-2014

As previously mentioned: nature is the great architect.  Molding, building, sculpting and shaping nature creates our universe.  It is from nature that many architects derive their inspiration.  Occasionally nature is glorified by the setting aside lands for the specific purpose of enjoying the majesty that nature seemingly offers effortlessly. 

One such natural place is the Flume Gorge in Lincoln, NH.  Here, a wonderful pathway created from natural wooded walkways and stairs allows visitors to follow the passage that nature creates with water, trees, vegetation and rock.  This natural marvel is for hiking, reflecting and observing nature.  There are also natural locations where humans have utilized nature's instruction to benefit commercial projects.  The Panama Canal is one such undertaking that used natural resource as a platform for architecture and building.  Whatever the case, nature in its genius for construction freely shares knowledge that we may use to better our own creations.

Sepia architectural photography: Lincoln, NH

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