Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Change of Scene

As a New York based architectural photographer, I am photographing buildings in the concrete canyons of a big city most of the time.  Occasionally I get away from Gotham.  Currently I am in New Hampshire: the White Mountains region.  Where ever I am, I photograph the architecture in its settings.  My photographs in Northern NH are so disparate from those I shoot in New York.  Here, the scenery is dramatically different from that of sprawling and/ or vertical urban environs.  This photograph is an example of a lifestyle that typifies why I return to the area again and again.  Architecture and its setting truly indicates a society and its functionality.  The people of a vicinity create buildings that incorporate natural and man-made embellishments to suit their wants and needs.  In NH nature plays a significant role in architectural conceptualization.  It is always challenging and stimulating to juxtapose "city and country" in my architectural photography.

NH Cottage: One Street Off Main Street

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