Thursday, July 19, 2012

Influences: Atget

Eugene Atget (1857-1927) was a French photographer who lived and worked most of his life in Paris.  Atget was a genius at elevating the "ordinary" street scene to pure magic through his photographic eye.  Many of the works are in soft sepia tones which emphasizes their dreamy quality.  Life in Paris always seems marvelous.  Atget made it especially so with his photographs.  He is one of my mentors and influences in my own photography.

Paris Shop by Atget


  1. this is certainly a great example of the infinite possibilities available to the photographer when in a city with so many reflective surfaces - a great place to have loads of fun!!!

  2. The possibilities are endless in NYC as well! The lower East Side has some unique old store; Madison Ave and the Asian markets downtown. The reflections in some of the old buildings on Riverside Drive are great because of the park across the street and you can also get images of the Triboro Bridge from certain angles. Thanks, Walter!