Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Colonial Theatre Opening

Yesterday I had the marvelous opportunity to have a "Meet the Photographer" and to show my artistic perspective through a slide presentation at the iconic Colonial Theatre in Bethlehem, NH.  The event was also sponsored by the Bethlehem Hebrew Congregation which did a fabulous job setting up a delicious and beautiful reception in my honor.  Old friends, family and new friends came.  There were many special moments for me as a photographer and as a person who loves the gorgeous White Mountain Region of NH.  As an artist, I see things that I want to share with others, expressing myself through my photography.  I am fortunate to exhibit and to speak in marvelous places such as the Colonial Theatre and to have its support and that of the BHC and all those who attended yesterday's event: Thanks!


  1. Wonderful. Great that you always have/get the opportunity to share in such places.

  2. To share my perspective with others through my work is wonderful! I admire YOUR sharing through your excellent blogs and exhibits, Matt! Also saw your video Mike put out: great!