Friday, December 28, 2012


The composition of a photograph is critical to its success.  The rule of thirds can be called on numerous times, but even with that guide, composition must continuously move the eye all around the image.  No dead space.  Empty space is quite different.  Empty or possibly negative space can stimulate the eye to seek detail.  In this image I tried for a non-symmetrical symmetry.  All the elements are just the slightest bit "off."  The three larger peaks above the doors are not exactly centered and one has a small branch over it.  The six windows are not perfectly equally aligned.  Just a little off center.  I think it creates a better composition to have the sightest (or perhaps larger) variations.  Do you?

Church: NYC

Art genre: black and white architectural detail/art photograph

Photography tip: Use symmetry and add interest within its constructs.

Location: Chelsea, NYC