Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Repeating Forms

Often elaborate architectural details seem to be ornate for the sake of detail.  In other words, craftsmen add & add & add more & more to the decorated space.  It would be like adding 2" of frosting to a wafer cookie or yards of necklace, bracelets, rings to an already multi-patterned garment.  Yet highly carved and detailed architectural ornamentation, crafted at a time when such work was prized, was frequently plotted geometrically within repeating forms.  Notice the circles, rectangles and how exquisitely the carvings complement these basic shapes.  There is nothing random about the design of the ceiling which is plotted in its elaborateness on essential forms.

Sepia Ceiling Detail

Art genre: sepia architectural detail/art photograph

Complementary decor: Rococo, Gothic, Romanesque, Eclectic, Modern 

Photography tip: Look for basic forms and frame them.

Location: Austria

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