Monday, February 18, 2013


I don't Give to Get.  I give because it makes me feel good to share information.  I always get information in return.  I listen when I give a workshop because I encourage people to tell me about their own experiences with photography/art/architecture.
On February 2 I gave a photography tour of Grand Central Station/NYPL at 42nd Street and on February 16 we reviewed the photos back at the Center for Photographic Art.  Everyone shared information and everyone compared notes.  We all had a exciting and enjoyable time exploring the architectural wonders of iconic NYC places and sharing our views on photography, architecture and art.  Each image that was shot on the tour and presented at the follow-up workshop was of the same places, but so different.  Because each photograph had the unique imprint of its photographer.
The gift of knowledge is priceless.  The interchange of ideas beyond value.  The icing on the cake: Albert Merrifield's portrait of an equipment ladened me in Grand Central Station.  Al is a great photographer.  Check out his beautiful site:
Thanks, Al and to everyone who joined my Grand Central Station/NYPL at 42nd Street photography tour!

Portrait of Ellen Fisch by Albert Merrifield


  1. Just showed the shot of "Duplicate Ellens" to the spousal unit. We love it! Wish Id been on the tour. You always have such fun.

  2. Come down to visit! Your winter-wonderland looked like fun, too! XO~

  3. I couldn't agree more! I really think that sharing knowledge is the best way to gain knowledge whenever you share you are asking yourself to dig deeper into your subject. The give and take of learning are the things I like most about helping others learn from my experiences.

  4. I should have also added that I lAlbert's the image of you and the concept behind it. A very original idea, well executed