Friday, February 15, 2013

Special Valentines All Day

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, always a favorite holiday.  From the beginning, Valentine's Day was special; it was my Mother's birthday.  Unfortunately she did not get two presents, but my brothers and I benefited deliciously from her birthday cake and the huge heart box of chocolates my Dad always gave her.  As a child, I loved all the lace, ribbon, flowers, Victorian drawings and paintings depicting the day!  I remember the lavish cards that were commonplace then: satin pillows with a pair of feathered doves on a greeting card!  And the roses in every store window.  I still associate red roses with the fragrant brightness in icy covered Brooklyn shops. 
Yesterday I had the joy of art all Valentine's Day.  In the early afternoon I was very pleased to help my granddaughter's elementary school class to make Valentines.  My daughter and I brought in ribbon, paper lace doilies, sparkly stickers and samples of Valentines in all shapes and sizes, colors and designs. The teacher, herself an artist, greatly added to the art fest! I was gifted with two beautiful Valentines from two very sweet children.  I also learned a lot about art and design: kids are great teachers!
Later in the day, I went to a wonderful Valentine's Party to celebrate the marvelous New Yorker Cartoonist, Frank Modell and his extraordinary career.  I met Frank a few times and he is a joyful person with a rapier wit.  I grew up on his cartoons, which gave me much delight.  Here is a web site with some of Frank Modell's cartoons: ENJOY!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Ellen Fisch Talking to Kids About Valentines


  1. Sounds exciting to mingle with an artist of his caliber. You get to do so many fun things. I'm sorry we missed your opening. The storm would have kept us away anyway.

  2. I'm sorry, too! Would have loved you & Scott to be there! I actually met Michael J. Fox & Yusef Karsh in BETHLEHEM! You never know...... There ARE a lot of great opportunities & fun times in NYC: it is true! Come visit!!