Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Influences: James Tissot

Influences may come from many sources: nature, architecture, street or known people, fashion, photography, painting among numerous others.  Recently I have been adding pencil, charcoal, pastel and gold leaf into my photography which I print on fine art paper.  These more painterly photographs remind me of paintings.
One of my photographs suggested the marvelous French painter James Tissot's paintings to me.  I have long admired Tissot who  lived and painted in France and England during the 1800's. Tissot knew that his calling was art when he was a teenager and despite his father's disapproval, Tissot went off to study painting in Paris at a time when many great painters, such as Manet and Degas were there. During the course of Tissot's studies, he became reunited with his father who had an enormous influence on Tissot's paintings.  Tissot's parents were in the fashion business and their son became a painter who recorded the society of his day, especially focusing on fashion.  Essentially art reflects some aspect of the society from which it emanates and Tissot had a fine eye and wonderful talent for depicting the luxury and refinement of Paris during one of its most fashionable periods.  I especially love the use of background detail in his paintings.
When I saw the leaves over a small architectural structure in Prospect Park, I immediately thought of a Tissot painting in which the leaves echo the graceful elegance of the woman who was Tissot's subject. Tissot's painting of the background leaves in his painting influenced the way I presented the leaves in my photograph.   www.ellenfisch.com

Self Portrait: James Tissot 1898 (Wiki)

Woman-October by James Tissot

Prospect Park: photography with chalk, pencil and gold leaf

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