Friday, April 26, 2013

Brooklyn College Tour

Yesterday I gave a photo tour of the Brooklyn College Campus.  It took me back to my undergrad days!  The campus was alive with students who were enjoying the beautiful spring weather.  The plantings: tulips, cherry blossoms, daffodils and other colorful flowering plants are also thriving on the beautiful quad.  And provided marvelous counterpoint to the magnificent Brooklyn College buildings.
The photo tour group first convened in a classroom to look at my handout (check my web site next week under Insights).  We discussed architectural photography, composition, line, form and the thrill of picture taking.  Then we took photographs on campus.  Each member of the tour had different ideas about photographing the available sights and these were encouraged.  One loves to take shots of flowers; one wanted to shoot the architecture.  Every photographer perceives surroundings through a different artistic orientation and that's one of the greatest things about photography.  I got a truly wonderful compliment when one photographer said to me: "After taking this tour, I see the world through new eyes.  Everything is more fascinating!"

Lily Pond: Brooklyn College

Library: Brooklyn College


  1. Sounds unique and fun. Who better than you to give insight to the architecture of what looks like a beautiful college. I sure do miss the cherry blossoms we had in Richmond, VA &, of course, D.C.

  2. Thanks, Debbie, I love sharing my passion for photography! Brooklyn College is a gem and the cherry blossoms are gorgeous! A big surprise was a number of large box turtles in the lily pond......