Monday, April 29, 2013

One Door Two Ways

Doors are fascinating to me.  Not only are many doors beautiful and/or interesting from an architectural design perspective, all doors have a certain cache.  All the comings and goings.  The historical aspects.  The people who enter and depart.  When I see doorways, I am so tempted to knock, ring, go in!  Especially entrances to buildings that are wonderfully conceived.  From rustic weathered wooden barns to concrete loading dock's metal doors with rivets to wrought iron swirled stained-glass mansion's portals each holds mysteries and charm for me.   Here is a door that I shot from straight on and its side.  The limestone home on Manhattan's Upper East Side is for sale...........

Art genre: Sepia architectural detail art photograph

Photography tip: Shoot in RGB and then explore the range of sepias; there are many.

Location: Upper East Side, NYC


  1. Doors, facinating, indeed. Did you buy?

  2. I love that! A town house on the Upper East Side of NYC: When I win the Lotto! Come stay with me!! I love doors, too!