Monday, April 8, 2013

Time Gone By

Time gone by in our culture has as many meanings/interpretations as the word time itself.  The past calls up different memories and relationships for almost everyone.  Of course, time gone by can be an associative memory that may be held by many individuals.  I think that New Yorkers and those familiar with NYC, when considering time gone by as far as the physical City goes, can connect with the iconic images that were presented as paintings (Childe Hassam's wonderful street scenes of NYC) or photographs (the construction workers atop a beam or the sailor kissing the nurse in Times Square).  Of course each of us has a recollection of the past look of NYC's ever evolving facade.  I recall the care with which everyday buildings were constructed.  Warehouses; service entrances and loading docks all received some ornamentation to create architectural appeal.  This notion of making places and spaces beautiful is mostly of time gone by.  Functionality and cost now dictate the look.
Walking on an industrial street in midtown Manhattan I chanced upon such a delightful example of a functional structure that was beautified for the sake of architectural creativity and charm during a time gone by.  I stood among the smokers and the delivery people happily snapping pix of a world that I remember existed on every block.

Delivery Entrance: NYC

Architectural Embellishment of Time Gone By

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