Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Art of Architectural Photography 6-29-2014

To many there is nothing so alluring as a roof.  Up high, that soaring feeling increases perceptions of weightlessness and makes so many things seem possible.  The ancients used roof tops to point heavenward as do many houses of worship today.  A roof also tags an architectural style or can act as an ornamental "cap" to a structure.  However, from a practical point of view, open and useable roof tops have become, more than ever, an excellent way to utilize vertical spaces in crowded cities.

Those apartment dwellers who are fortunate enough to have roof access or terraces from their apartments frequently use these outdoor or glass enclosed places for gardens.  Look high up in cities and you can see trees, lush shrubs and vines suspended over busy streets below.  Vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers are often grown in these remarkably innovative roof spaces.  Those who live in areas that abound with yards may not appreciate the wonderful sense of luxury a roof garden affords the city dweller.

Commercial enterprises, such as hotels, restaurants, catering halls and department stores use roof gardens as additional stories in which guests and clients can be served.  Rooftop bars and eateries are marvelous in warm weather and they can be sensational in the crystal clarity of winter if glassed in or hosting cold weather aficionados.  Sunsets on these roofs are spectacular.  The city as a backdrop is a breathtaking sight.  Architects maximize the appeal of rooftop spaces by keeping them simply designed and fully mindful of the view.

     Sunset Rooftop: NYC

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