Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Art of Architectural Photography 6-8-2014

In a way, architecture is the structure of any design.  When designing a work, one is building it based on  the principles of art.  Nature, the master architect, designs nature based on structure and form, essential to any building project.

The genre of still life is composed of objects, frequently including but not necessarily flowers, placed in juxtaposition to each other to form a pleasing arrangement.  This concept also is integral to architecture in the sense that elements must compliment each other and work well together to create a well balanced and appealing building.

At a French restaurant in NYC on a frigid night this past winter, I was delighted with the single bloom on my table.  In photographing the flower, I incorporated part of the crystal candle container for a wisp of romance and to show that it is night.  Nature has structured the petals of the rose into a design that is endlessly intricate and beautiful.  How lovely to study architecture in this way!

 Sepia still life as architectural photography: NYC

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  1. Interesting article Ellen. I like the image too.

  2. The French have a way with design. You have a way with image. C'est bon.