Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Art of Architectural Photography 3-4-2015

Back again!  After a hiatus caused by this year's NYC winter--nothing like other parts of the country-- but bad enough, a fractured hip and various other snags, I am happy to share anew.

Being laid up is either a serious impediment or a wonderful impetus to be creative.  It really depends on the individual, circumstances and work at hand.  I spent a good deal of time reflecting about my work during the last few weeks and realized that I show few interiors on my web site.  After that epiphany, I started looking through the thousands of photographs I've taken of architecture to see why I had not included many interior shots.  I was no more aware of the answer to that question after seeing the many photographs of interiors I have taken through the years than when I posed the thought.  So I began to work on some.

Interiors are fascinating because they can either mirror the facade of the building or create a completely different dynamic.  Entering an interior is like opening a present for me.  Regardless of the richness or beauty of the outside of the "package," I love looking in. Once I heard that an individual received a gorgeously wrapped package and never opened it.  Not I!  Wrappings and ribbons are immediately torn apart in my effort to disclose the contents of a gift! I think that I am among many who enjoy the element of surprise opening a package brings.  Even if an interior is as predictable as the exterior, there is always something unique about each and every space.

This interior is a bar/lounge in Europe.  The ultra modern hotel is echoed in this room whose atmosphere was suited to clientele, function and its decor.  I departed from my usual black and white and sepia palate to recreate the feeling I experienced when I was in the room: dusky, moody, relaxed and enveloping.

Architectural photography.

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