Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Art of Architectural Photography 3-29-2015

Natural architecture is the blueprint for almost all that humans reference either directly or indirectly.  Whether you are contemplating Jackson Pollack's Number 5, van Goght's Starry Night or Mies van der Rhoe's Glass House, more creative ideas germinate from what is seen and experienced than not.  Creatives who take the observed to another plane frequently are building on the natural world or the everyday to derive the ultimate impact.  For example, when Meret Oppenheim covered an ordinary cup, saucer and spoon with fur or Magritte painted formally dressed men "raining" from the sky, the visual surprise of surrealism is magnified because the ordinary has been altered into the imagined.

Of course nature can elevate the familiar to the breathtaking in ways that are singular.  Whether it is a perfect leaf or Victoria Falls, nature architects in extraordinary ways.  From the spectacular to the very common natural sights, we may gain insights into composition, form, line.  Nature is the great instructor.  All we have to do is be open to the view.
Birch Forrest: Black and White Photography

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