Friday, June 8, 2012

Bethlehem, NH

In 1975 my folks moved from Brooklyn, NY to Bethlehem, NH.  Since then, Bethlehem has been a significant part of my aesthetic.  I love the area: White Mountains, Echo Lake, Crawford Notch and most of all the lovely New England town of Bethlehem.  Mountains can be seen from every spot.  Skies are limitless, full of big, puffy clouds.  Wildflowers grow in the sidewalk cracks....where there are sidewalks.  There are boulders and creeks.  The trees look ancient, huge and leafy in summer and a fretwork against the landscape in winter.  There are also numerous architectural styles, architectural details and building materials that are wood, stone and forged metal.  Magic place!

Bethlehem, NH Library and Town Hall

Main Street: Bethlehem, NH

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