Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Whole Picture

Coney Island in Brooklyn, NYC is an iconic place.  It evokes amusement rides, great fast food, the majestic Atlantic Ocean.  Connecting all of the attractions in this sea side community is the marvelous boardwalk.  Weathered, wonderfully worn, the boardwalk is an architectural element that is visually appealing and arresting.  I had the chance to buy old slats of the Coney Island boardwalk that I turned into frames for my Coney Island photographs.  The black and white, sepia and muted color tinted photographs are printed on aluminum for a glow that mirrors the sky and sea.  The inset under the image is Belgium linen that has the feel of the fine grained sand.  The boardwalk frames give the photographs an authentic Coney Island look.

The Iconic Coney Island Boardwalk: Brooklyn, NYC

Boardwalk Wood Slats

Coney Island: Summer 2012

Coney Island: Winter 2011


  1. Ellen I really like your images of Coney Island. I like the way you have chosen to present them using the wood from the boardwalk. This treatment makes each piece more than simply a photo of Coney Island; they have become a physical extension of the place itself.

    I too use dye sublimation printing on aluminum as my print medium and sometimes struggle with coming up with framing options that don't overpower the image yet allow it to be separated from the wall. Your solution is brilliant.

  2. Thank you so much! I LOVE your work as I've noted on Linkedin! WONDERFUL bikers & cars!!
    I always try to integrate the parts of my work, including framing options. I was so glad that this Coney Island effort worked out. Gives me back my Coney Island childhood!