Saturday, June 30, 2012

Natural vs. Human Arcitecture

I traveled to New Hampshire to deliver my black and white and sepia photographs of Bethlehem to the iconic Colonial Theatre in that lovely town.  Bethlehem is nestled in a marvelous natural setting: the White Mountains.  As a fine art architectural photographer, I was struck by the architecture of nature: bold peaks, vertical trees, horizontal layers of clouds, elliptical ponds, et al.  While nature may not adhere to the architectural styles created by humans, there is a harmony in natural structure that humans have to work hard to achieve.  Nature as architecture seems effortless and, well, natural.  I was even more aware of the disparity between natural and human architecture as I drove back to New York.

A Trip From New Hampshire to New York From the Road

New Hampshire "Walls" of Trees and Mountains

Nature's Building Materials: NH

Natural and Human Architecture in Harmony: NH/ VT

Human Architecture with Natural Detail: VT

Human Architecture: Mass

Entering Gotham: Built by Humans

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