Friday, June 15, 2012

St. Mark's Church, Harlem

I donated one of my black and white photographs of Harlem yesterday to St. Mark's Church in Harlem NYC to honor the memory of my dear friend Dr. Lionel E. McMurren who was a pillar of the Church and Harlem Community.  The photograph is an arael  shot of Harlem with the very beautiful St. Mark's Church in the foreground.  Pastor Nathaniel T. Grady, the revered Reverend of St. Mark's received the photograph.  I had a wonderful talk with Pastor Grady who told me that the day's portion of the Bible was about reaping what one sows.  Significant words.  There was a lunch for the congregation which was generously shared with me!  What a meaningful and moving experience.  Dr. McMurren will be remembered by so many whose lives he touched.  He was educator and a friend to me and I was glad to honor his memory with my photograph.

At St. Mark's Church: Edgecomb Ave, Harlem NYC

Rev. Nathaniel T. Grady

Harlem with St. Mark's Church in the Foreground


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  2. Wonderful aerial photograph and a lovely present to honor the memory of Dr. Lionel E.McMurren.

  3. Thank you so much! Dr. McMurren was an amazing person!!