Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Grand Central

I am fortunate to be giving another photo tour of NYC through the Center for Photographic Art.  This time we will be midtown Manhattan, including Grand Central Station.  The architecture of Grand Central Station is truly remarkable and inspiring.  Soaring ceilings depicting the celestial sky; ornamental archways and stunning light fixtures are everywhere! Statues and garlands decorate doorways and hallways.  Just walking through Grand Central evokes a bygone age of luxury and great craftsmanship.  It was a time when people stopped and noticed the beauty all around them. An age of lavishing ornamentation on the great and small architectural details.  Of working with gorgeous building materials: marble, brass, oak.  A great debt goes to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis who spearheaded the Preservation Campaign to save Grand Central Station in all its glory for future generations.

Mars Atop Grand Central Station: NYC

One Stunning Interior View: GCS


  1. Ellen, I'd love to hear the history of GCS. I can look it up but it will also enhance the posts.

  2. Grand Central Station is 100 years old! It was built between 1903-1913. Designed by two of the finest architectural firms of the day, Reed & Stem and Warren & Wetmore, the building reflects the Beaux-Arts style that was popular. The luxurious building materials are testimony to an age that valued marvelously detailed architecture. The statue of Mercury, Hercules and Minerva that sits atop the entrance of the Station was created by Jules-Alexis Coutan, a French sculptor, and was the largest sclupture (48') in the world at that time. The iconic sculpture was carved by John Donnelly Company. Grand Central Station brought together three rail roads into one terminal: The NY Central and Hudson River RR; New York and Harlem RR; and New York and New Haven RR. Debbie, it is a joy to wander through a building that is exquisite in every detail. A building that pays homage to architecture, construction, craftsmanship, beauty, art and design. It was a glorious day for us! Come down with Sott and I'll give you a tour!

  3. Did you get caught with the festivities at Grand Central? I read the light should be marvellous now with the cleaned windows! Hoping to catch your next tour :)

  4. There was a festive feeling in Grand Central. and an energy because of the BIG B-DAY: 100 years, but all commuter/ tourist traffic was pretty much as usual. We had a great chance to shoot masterpieces! Looking forward to your joining future tours! That would be WONDERFUL!