Friday, May 3, 2013

City Jewels

I love looking at metal architectural details.  They seem to me like building "jewelry."  Indeed, years ago architects and builders gave much consideration to dressing up their structures with metal ornaments.  Wonderful building materials were used lavishly to compliment any public place and private homes.  Today this is a rarity....often it is deemed too expensive to adorn with architectural jewels.
I was at one of my favorite places: Grand Central Station and spied these door handles. And the great signage: "Push."  I had not noticed this solid brass door frame in a long time.  It glowed there quietly in the night while people rushed in and out.  I took many photos of this doorway, patiently waiting for the commuters to be on their various ways (and out of my images!).  City architectural jewels are everywhere: brass door handles; wrought iron door knockers; stained glass windows; railings made of carved wood.
As I stood there snapping away with my camera, a night owl youngster about maybe 5 said: "What are you taking pictures of?"  I pointed to the door handles.  "What!" he demanded.  When I explained my appreciation of the brass architectural jewelry, he gently ran his hand over the metal.  "Cool!"  I think so, too.


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