Sunday, March 31, 2013

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

I return again and again to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.  As a native Brooklynite, I am ever intrigued by this oasis in the midst of a busy borough of one of the bustling cities in the world: NYC.  The Gardens look not only beautiful and tranquil each time I go there but new!  Nature regenerates and plants bloom.  The flora/fauna changes form as it grows.  Shapes morph into patterns and designs that architect a natural world.  Although the magnificent buildings at the BBG remain the same, the trees and shrubs, flowers and the birds and butterflies they attract are always unique on any given day.  Shadows, sunlight, clouds and reflections in the glass greenhouses and the pools, ponds and streams cause further artistic changes for my lens to capture. 

Lily Pool: BBG

BBG Architecture: Nature + Human

Art genre: Sepia architectural art photograph/ Black & White architectural art photograph

Photography tip: Combine nature's architecture with humans' architecture.  The shadows and light on buildings from surrounding foliage create intriguing accents and details for more interest.

Location: Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

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