Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Niche

I am usually a forward thinking person.  Although the past, my past has had an enormous impact on my life, I always caught up in future projects.  Thinking of new ways to better my skills; new photography essays; visualizing unique perspectives for architectural images; how to enhance my art.  These are my focus.  When I do recall the past, I reflect on others who have influenced my work and of course wonderful instances of personal relationships, which also had and still have a profound effect on me and my aesthetic.
However, once in a while I trace my path as an artist photographer.  I am surprised when I do.  What amazes me is the journey that got me to where I am today and the marvelous opportunities that were open to me.  Click on the link to see how I came to be an architectural art photographer:


Queen Victoria Building: Sydney, Australia

Art genre: Black and White architectural detail art photograph

Photography tip: When using "lights" (artificial bulbs or shafts of natural light) as accents, make sure the points or beams of light emphasize the overall composition and do not take over.

Location: Sydney, Australia

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