Monday, December 2, 2013

The Art of Architectural Photography 12-2-2013

Essential to the art of architectural photography or any art is the communication between the photographer/artist and the viewer.  I believe this is the basis of my photography.  The dialogue begins when I first see my subject.  I then take the picture and later create an image that conveys that about the architecture which I would like to tell others.  I always shoot in color because color provides more reference for me.  Later I convert my photographs to black and white or sepia using the color tonalities as a guide.  Fundamental is the art of the architecture and above all else: the light.  Light is magical and marvelous.  Capturing the light is challenging and the ultimate reward.  My photographic aesthetic revolves around light and that is what, above all else, I want to communicate through my art.

In the two black and white photographs the light emphasizes the architecture while drawing the eye towards the doorway.  Compositionally, the light provides contrast and fluidity.

Durrell United Methodist Church: Bethlehem, NH
                                  Bethlehem Hebrew Congregation: Bethlehem, NH


  1. I like the way you explain what you're doing and why. It makes it more interesting and helps the reader see what you see. I don't always see what photographers see; in fact, I seldom do.

  2. Thank you so much! I think I found my "blog voice."

  3. Who does not love doors! You conquer the light beautifully in your photos. I, in other hand, I'm too much in rush to wait for the right moment and lack the patience. It kills me!

  4. Your photographs are lovely! Each photographer captures light in his/her own way. I love your flowers!!