Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Art of Architectural Photography 12-8-2013

  Composition is a foundation of all visual art.  Form, texture, line, light and dark must work together compositionally to give an overall feeling to the work.  The essential concept of composition is to keep the eye interested and moving throughout the image.  Regardless of subject, the composition should work as a whole.  From florals to images of war, superior artworks are composed to create parts that equate to the whole in relevant ways.
     Art Deco is a marvelous medium with which to emphasize composition.  In this sepia photograph of an Art Deco lobby in Miami, the strong lines of the genre compliment the architecture and exterior scenery.  Plant shapes are a popular motif in Art Deco and the actual live palm tree echoes this theme. The use of warm sepia tones also accentuates the vibe of the photograph.

"Miami Light"
Sepia Architectural Art Photograph: Miami, Florida

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