Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Art of Architectural Photography 12-28-2013

Artifacts of a culture are the subject of art for me.  Throughout history humans created and left artifacts for various reasons.  I often think of myself as a flaneur, roaming about different places and taking photographs of what appeals to me. As I explore, I have a strong inclination to shoot artifacts from older architecture: doorknobs and knockers; hinges; lintels; window frames and carvings of all types.  New York City, while ever changing affords me the opportunity to find many details of architecture from the past.  I love taking photos of metal as I go about my photography travels,  although it is hard to shoot.  Frequently the highlights are blown out.  Light and pattern can be distorted because of reflection.  Photographing metal at an angle can help as can filters, exposure and other technique/equipment.  Important, too, is always composition.  This metal detail is located in Chelsea Market, a place which began its life as a factory.  The circular shapes and texture create an interesting contrast that is alluring for me.  I also appreciate the way that light is evident even in the darkest darks.

Black and White Metal Architectural Detail, NYC



  1. This looks like a piece of jewelry. Happy New Year and lots of new inspirations ja joy with your camera!

  2. That's why I LOVE photographing metal architectural details: they look like jewelry! You are so kind! Happy & Creative 2014!!