Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Art of Architectural Photography 12-22-2013

Every place provides inspiration.  I recently traveled to Europe and was thrilled to see the "old" architecture and cobbled streets that I love.  However, modern architecture provides insights and motivation.  I carry my camera everywhere.  The LUMIX DMC -LX7 is small enough to easily take along and its low-light shooting capabilities are good for interiors.  When I saw this mulit-level geometric configuration I used my LUMIX to capture different views, all the while abstracting the images in my mind.  Abstraction can be very helpful when shooting any genre.  It is especially useful in completing finished photographs so that the forms can be in focus and not the small details that often mar an image.  For example, the artist must build the structure of the head before putting the pinpoints of light in the eyes.  Abstraction helps any visual artist/photographer discover the building blocks and allow the basic forms to emerge.  Abstraction also provides excellent information about the lights and darks.  Frequently straight lined modern structures are more easily abstracted than older more complex architecture.  Here is my abstraction of a modern interior.



  1. You have made several good points about seeing in this post Ellen. After all seeing is the essence of photography; without a vision for an image it simply becomes a snapshot. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you, Nick. For me seeing is the basis of all of my photography. Happy Holidays!