Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Art of Architectural Photography 5-13-2014

One note design is wonderful in its simplicity and purity, but I also appreciate a mix of materials and aesthetics in capturing an architectural image.  Every element of a photograph must be carefully considered if it is to represent the subject.  The more components there are to the exposure, the more they must integrate to form one perception.
On a night in Munich, I saw this entryway illuminated and majestic. The lacy wrought iron gates provide a lovely counterpoint to the carved stone column capitals.  The ribbed arches bring the eye around the image, while the hanging lamps provide punctuation and glow.  Finally, the cobblestones and slates on the ground add the textural elements to balance the elaborate upper portions of the photograph.  I used sepia for this architectural photograph because it heightened the romantic and somewhat mysterious atmosphere of the night. 
The many elements of design, texture, light, architecture and form create an image of intrigue and beauty.  I was glad to be there to capture my impression of this enchanting place.

Sepia architectural photography: Munich, Germany

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  1. What a wealth of textures in one shot! The light is magnificent, the iron fence is pure bliss.

  2. Thank you so much! I was immediately captivated by the way that the textures played off each other at night!