Monday, May 26, 2014

The Art of Architectural Photography 5-26-2014

There are many facets of an artwork.  The work may be visually pleasing; commemorate an event or person(s); promote a belief; advertise a product.  The connection of the artist with the viewer gives an image the different meanings and elicits the responses from each.  Many examples of architecture, photography, painting and other arts evoke memories.  Perhaps these are some of the most powerfully effective works because they may be viewed on a deeper level.
Photography is a medium that expressly is used to record and chronicle.  Events, people, art, anything that can be viewed is subject matter for the lens.  The images taken by the camera can conjure memories in a way that is immediate and graphic.  In many cases photography is a deliberate medium for just that: bringing forth the past for present and future considerations.  A photograph that can provide a key to the past, in any context, is an impressive tool as well as a vehicle to provide beauty and aesthetic gratification. 
The two entrances of a school in NYC brought back many memories of my childhood.  Although many buildings are being replaced or updated in NYC, these remain just as they were years ago.  I can visualize clearly children entering the doors for a day of school in the 1950's as easily as I can see these portals today.  The architecture is at once straight forward and complex.  The combination of building materials blends together in the recognizable school facade.  Bricks, limestone, metalwork, and marble create a feeling of substance and worth.  The decorative capitols on the columns, archway, doors and brickwork add notes of grandeur as do the artfully mounted globe lights.  The signage and religious symbol of the cross are forthright and dominant in the appearance of the building.  The most influential signs are those which are not embellished and clearly identified.  The worn steps note the passage of the many children who have entered these doorways.


Black and white architectural photography: Two School Entrances, NYC

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