Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Influences: Roebling

As a child, I was passionate about going to Manhattan.  I still am!  My Dad would drive us across the Brooklyn Bridge into the city I was sure was OZ.  Siting in the back seat of the Rambler, I could only see the bridge, not the skyline of NYC.  My association of the Brooklyn Bridge with literally bridging the East River's Brooklyn shore to the its magical Manhattan one is a powerful influence.  John A. Roebling began building the Brooklyn Bridge in 1867.  He created a visual and practical wonder that had an enormous impact on me in the visual impressions the great bridge presents and in its link to beyond.

John A. Roebling: Genius Behind the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge of My Childhood

To Oz
These photographs courtesy of the NY Public Library


  1. Hi Ellen! Nice background information. It is a wonderful bridge. Being a Californian, I have a preference for the Golden Gate another bridge with an incredible history. They are all architectural wonders.

  2. I love bridges: Brooklyn, Golden Gate, et al!! Thank you so much for the comment!!