Friday, September 14, 2012


Layers are an intriguing concept in most fields.  Think, if you will, layers of taste, layers of clothing, layers of feelings.  In photography there are layers, too.  Layers of light streaming through the aperture.  Layers in post production, for example Photoshop layers. There are also layers of seeing when a foreground image frames a middle or background image.  This "see through" perception has been used for centuries,  drawing the viewer into an image slowly with sights that appeal to the eye along the way.  My layered photograph was taken in the magnificent Japanese Garden in the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.  My childhood was beautified by these Gardens.  I revisited the BBG with my own children and am now delighted to accompany my grandchildren to this Brooklyn oasis.

A View of Serenity

 Art genre: Sepia art photograph

Complimentary decor: Any

Photography tip: Layer a photograph by capturing a "see through" foreground image, such as a window or a doorway.
Location: Japanese Garden, Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

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