Friday, September 28, 2012

A Chance Encounter

When you are walking about, looking for something great to photograph, don't discount the nooks and doorways.  In my last blog I wrote about the surprising find of a stairway that was very appealing to me.  Well, here's another "find."  Recently I was rushing to a luncheon meeting near Grand Central Station.  I usually walk from Penn Station (32th Street and 7th Avenue) to my Manhattan destinations with camera at the ready, so to speak.  This day I was running (literaly) late, camera tucked away.  Yet, my eye caught the cherub carved doorway on a 32nd Street doorway.  I stopped, all time suspended,  because the beauty of the carving with the etched glass door and brass hardware was so wonderful.  I was transfixed: transported to another era, the Gilded Age.  Grabbing my camera, I began to shoot.  I arrived at my meeting 5 minutes late (no matter, the chairperson came 15 minutes late!), but with 40 photos of this exquisite NYC architectural detail.

NYC Architectural Detail

Art genre: Black & White architectural detail photograph

Complimentary decor: Art Nouveau, Baroque, Eclectic

Photography tip:  Capture details on details for more interest.  The cherub's face would make a nice architectural detail photograph, but the inclusion of the brass door handle and sign, the etched glass door and the stone wall create textural interest.  Never use a flash on glass if possible.

Location: West 32nd Street, NYC

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