Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Looking Around in Two Parts

Part I- I'm writing a photography guide that I'm using for a workshop shoot I'm planning to give in Coney Island for the Center of Photographic Art: Huntington, NY.  Throughout the guide I write "look around."  I mean that whole heartedly.  Photography is looking through a lens.  In most instances it is good if the photographer looks around before snapping.  Either way, looking is the first step.

Part II- The photograph for this post has a little NY story you may like.  One day I was caught in a torrential downpour while walking to my friend's printing studio in NYC Garment District.  I ducked into a building that houses a well known fabric store, Mood (Project Runway).  The colors and textures are fabulous there.  It is a visual delight to see bolt after bolt of shimmering cloth.  But what I really found interesting was the warehouse style stairway that I took down after I visually gorged on the wares at Mood.  Staircases in general are structurally interesting.  This one was marvelously rectangular,  angled, 1930's-40's style.  I could see George Raft or Humphrey Bogart climbing to the top!

Garment District: NYC

Art genre: Sepia art architectural photograph

Complimentary decor: Modern, Contemporary

Photography tip: Angle up the stairwell.  Make sure there is some ambient light (sky light/ artificial light) because a flash here would blow out your light values.

Location: West 37th Street, NYC