Friday, November 2, 2012

Breaking the Rules

Sometimes I break the rules.  In each photograph, I try to devise an interesting composition.  Photographs are essentially ways in which I can express what I see and my interaction with my focus.  Usually, I am drawn to architecture and architectural details that reflect times when artisans left their mark.  Modern architecture is beautiful in its way, too: however, I am frequently fascinated by the older structures and their embellishments.  Recently I was with a friend in a space that has soaring modernistic forms.  I loved the fluid shapes as they ascended to the top orb of light.
In post production, I try to adhere to the rule of thirds: each area of the grid must have varying values.  Here, there is one allotment devoted to the darkest dark. I think it works.  After all, the surprise element also keeps the eye moving around in the image.  That is the optimal for any creative work.

Art genre: Sepia art photograph

Complimentary decor: Modern, Eclectic, Contemporary

Photography tip: Try for the rule of thirds, but occasionally break it.

Location: Chelsea, NYC


  1. Ellen, how are you and the family faring? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. You are THE BEST!! All is well! We were only out of power for 24 hours. Sarah just got power 1 hour ago (Since Monday). They have been staying here: sleepovers are fun!! See you at the opening!! XO