Monday, November 12, 2012

Multiple Layers

Often, when I see something that catches my eye, or rather my camera's eye, I don't absorb other parts of the image.  An example of this might be the following.  Let's assume that you are presented with a beautiful flower.  You may not immediately notice the stem, leaves, wrapping paper.  The senses pick up the beauty of the flower first and then the other parts of the whole may be experienced as they are revealed to the eye.  Today, more than ever, our senses must filter an avalanche of perceptions.  We don't take in everything at once.  When I am photographing something that appeals to me, other parts of the image ofter appear when I really look at the "whole" in post production. 

The striking gold numbers on this glass doorway attracted my attention as I was walking in midtown Manhattan.  I took a few shots and then turned my focus on an elaborately ornamented building across the street.  When I carefully examined the gold number image on my computer screen, I saw so many other elements in the photograph.  These "finds" often make photography an unexpected and multilayered way of seeing.

Art genre: sepia art architectural detail/ signage photograph

Complimentary decor: Traditional, Modern, Art Deco, Eclectic 

Photography tip: Carefully look for captured unexpected images in post production.  You may be surprised at the multiple layers of images you find in a single photograph!
Location: Midtown Manhattan

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