Monday, November 26, 2012

Influences: Robert Mapplethorpe

Robert Mapplethorpe had a exceptional eye.  He saw marvelous contrasts and form.  These essential principles of all arts are pervasive in Mapplethorpe's photography.  Mapplethorpe is well known for his male and female nude studies.  He also acquired a great following for his celebrity portraits of artists, socialites and individuals who defined the 1970's "scene" in NYC.  Forever, Mapplethorpe will be associated with an era that poured forth revolutionary and exciting art; however, the photographer produced timeless images of great beauty.  Mapplethorpe's flowers are reflections of the sensitivity and aesthetic Mapplethorpe gave to his stunning works.
I long have admired and learned from Robert Mapplethorpe's photography.  His ability to juxtapose darks and lights with form is a continuing reference for me.  I was extremely proud and delighted when, at one of my exhibitions in which I included my photographs of flowers, an associate of Robert Mapplethorpe's purchased one of my images which he liked to Mapplethorpe's own florals.  To be compared with an artist whom I so deeply admire is indeed a supreme compliment!

Contrasts and Form: Robert Mapplethorpe

Elements Juxtaposed with Values: Robert Mapplethorpe

Andy Warhol Artist Portrait: Robert Mapplethorpe

Flower: Robert Mapplethorpe

Calla Lily: Ellen Fisch

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