Monday, November 5, 2012


You see them in most major cities that have history.  They watch as newer construction takes place.  Often today the builders do not include the ornamentations of yesteryear.   Hopefully, these watchers will spark recollection of our past and the glories that lay within the work of artisans and builders who paused to include personality in structures.  Modern construction also has its watchers; its marvels and its greatness.  But look we should look to the watchers of the past as we forge the future.

Art genre: Sepia art architectural detail photograph

Complimentary decor: Any

Photography tip: Squares of window reflections in the lower half of this photograph provide depth to the composition.  Various shapes and highlights further the interest in the reflections.
Location: Fifth Avenue, NYC


  1. Ellen, your writing is as beautiful as your photographs.

  2. YOUR writing is beautiful as are Coleman Scott Photography you feature!