Friday, November 23, 2012


Yesterday, Thanksgiving, was a wonderful time of family, food and drink,  beautiful weather in NYC: festivities that are harbingers of the upcoming Holiday Season.  I was very fortunate to celebrate with my family in the wake of Sandy and the Nor' Easter.  We ate, told stories, ate, drank, ate, told jokes and above all delighted in the children.  Reasons for THANKS.  I especially give thanks for the enduring human spirit.  The ingenuity, endurance, courage and creativity of humans is evident in all we are and all we do.  For me, a New Yorker all my life, there are many iconic images that express the human spirit all around the city.  This remarkable statue atop Grand Central Station symbolizes the glory of human creativity and the continuation of the ability of the spirit to soar.

Mineva, Mercury and Hercules soaring above Grand Central Station




  1. Nicely said Ellen. Glad you & Kenny are safe & sound.

  2. Thank you, California Girl!! Loved your Thanksgiving family photograph on Empty Nest Evolution!!