Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Some Color

Although I present mostly black and white and sepia photographs, I always shoot in color (RGB).  The range of tones in color is far greater than you get when taking photos in black and white in the camera.  Later, in post production, I convert color shots to black and white and sepia primarily in Photoshop, although I sometimes use other applications. For my own architectural art photography, I think that colors distract from the architecture I showcase in my images.  A monochromatic photograph allows the viewer to focus mainly on subject.  Once in a while I feel that the color photograph is so expressive that I leave it alone.  Such was the case with this doorway on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  All the colors seemed perfectly integrated and complimented the architecture marvelously.

Art genre: color architectural /art photograph

Complimentary decor: Traditional, Classical,  Mission, Eclectic 

Photography tip: Shoot in RGB for a greater tonal range.  Then, in Photoshop (or other application, such as Lightroom) convert to B&W. Later still sepia if it appeals to you.

Location:Upper East Side: Manhattan

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